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"Stephen Skinner is probably the most important Western scholar taking the science of Feng shui seriously. In the past few decades he has made important contributions to clarifying the rather vague image from which Feng shui suffers in the West"

- Dr. Ulrich Theobald, Lecturer in Chinese history and classical Chinese at Tübingen University, Germany.
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Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui

Stephen Skinner



This is the first book in English on Flying Star feng shui which explains how it compatibly relates to Eight Mansion feng shui, and provides 216 giving lower kua Flying Star charts with 24 Mountain direction indicator, as well as all of the variant Substitution Star (ti kua) charts. Although the 'Flying Stars' were originally related to the stars of the astronomical Big Dipper asterism, in their feng shui usage they are simply terms for changing types of subtle ch'i (qi) energy present in our living environment, our homes, and our workplaces.

Flying Star assumes there is a very real link between the present time, the time a building was built, its directional orientation, the birthdates of its occupants and the consequential changing luck of its occupants. Contrary to popular mis-conception, Flying Star feng shui is completely compatible with Eight Mansion feng shui. The effects of using Flying Star feng shui correctly can often be impressive and very rapid, often within 10 days. Flying Star feng shui is one of the components of Hsüan K'ung (Xuan Kong), which is in turn part of the San Yuan School of feng shui, which relies upon the 8 Trigrams kua (gua) and their combinations. By contrast San He (the other great school of feng shui) relies upon combinations of the 5 Elements (in their yin and yang forms) with the 12 Earthly Branches, forming 60 chia-tzu (jia zi) or dragons.

Much of the knowledge in this book comes from the Chinese text of perhaps the most famous Hsüan K'ung (Xuan Kong) master of the 20th century, Shen Chu Reng and his book on Flying Star entitled San Yuan Ti Li Tai Hsüan K'ung.



* Publisher : Golden Hoard Press

* ISBN : ISBN: 978-0-9932042-0-3

* Price : £46.00 (Approx US$72.00 / S$96.00 / A$96.00) plus P&P of £10.00 airmailed

* Pages : 380 , 60 Tables, 64 Illustrations

* Hardback with dust wrapper

* Publication: 24th October 2015


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Feng Shui History

the story of Classical Feng Shui in China and the West from 221 BC to 2012 AD

Stephen Skinner



Feng Shui History tracks the evolution of feng shui in detail in China from 221 BC till the present day, and then its spread throughout SE Asia, and finally to the rest of the world in the last 35 years. This has never been done before in English. The only information on the history of feng shui occurs as scattered chapters in a number of books, but these books often repeat the same tired generalisations, and include many largely erroneous statements.

This book has been meticulously researched, from authoritative Chinese texts and the analysis of many antique lo p'ans, and gives the real history of feng shui. It contains the biographical details of many masters, and tracks the developments and people involved in propagating feng shui in the US, UK, Europe, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, in the 20th century, right up to date in 2012. It clearly shows the different feng shui methods and masters, and how they relate to each other.

Many errors have been corrected such as:

1. "Feng shui is 6000 years old." In fact the characters 'feng shui' were not used in this context before 320 CE. Even the older names (ti li, kan yi, etc.) for this practice do not occur in any surviving texts before 221 BC.

2. "Feng shui derives from the Yi Jing." In fact, apart from the 8 trigrams being used as basic directional indicators, no feng shui compass shows the 60 hexagrams till 1600 CE, and not the full 64 hexagrams till 1824.

3. "The feng shui compass derives from a magnetised spoon revolving on a plate." In fact this incorrect deduction made by Wang Chen-To in 1946 (and later reluctantly repeated by Needham) was completely discredited by several researchers in the 1990s.



* Publisher : Golden Hoard Press

* ISBN : ISBN: 978-0-9568285-4-5

* Price : £39.95 (Approx US$65.00) plus P&P of £10.00 airmailed

* Pages : 208 H/B width d/w , 70 illustrations, 22 half-tone plates

* 25 x 18 cm

* Expanded Edition published November 2013


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Guide to the Feng Shui Compass or lo p'an

a Compendium of Classical feng shui.

A detailed description of 75 rings of the lo p'an, and a feng shui time line.

Stephen Skinner


Virtually a Complete Compendium of Classical feng shui


Material never before available in English…and difficult to find even in Chinese


How to read the San He and San Yuan lo p'an, with an explanation of each ring in detail, the history and background of feng shui and the lo p'an (luo pan).


This large book is 448 pages in size, and packed with detailed information which is very clearly explained, so that after reading it anyone should be comfortable reading even the most complex lo p'an. This book is the result of 30 years of research and practice. More than 75 rings are documented, illustrated, tabulated, and classified by Plate and School, with their use and history. Anyone reading the book can go from being a complete novice to complete familiarity with any lo p'an, ancient or modern. It clearly explains for the first time in English how feng shui developed and the relationship between the San He and San Yuan Schools.


There are over 65 Tables, more than 174 illustrations, and 32 full colour plates. These include rare pictures and analyses of Ming and Ch'ing (Qing) dynasty lo p'ans.


Every technical term, book title, or person's name, is carefully footnoted in traditional Chinese characters with supporting pinyin and Wade-Giles transliterations. There is a also a detailed feng shui history time line.



"No Classical feng shui practitioner can afford to be without this book.


Partial List of Contents

A Short History of Feng Shui

History of the Compass - Misconceptions

The Shih Board

The Chai Ching Earth Plate

Reading the Lo P’an

How to Align the Lo P’an

Tricks of the Trade

How to Buy a Lo P’an

Physical Structure of the Lo P’an

The Rings of the Lo P’an

Rings, Plates and Needles

Mistaken Western Identifications

The 4 Seasons and Celestial Animals of the Quarters

The 8 Mountain Killings or yao sha

The 8 Wandering Stars of the 8 Mansions or pa chai

The 9 Flying Stars or fei hsing

The 9 Numbers of the Lo Shu

The 10 Heavenly Stems or t’ien kan

The 12 Earthly Branches or ti chih

The 12 Jupiter Years or tz’u

The 12 Life Stages Palaces or kung

The 12 Provincial divisions or fen yeh

The 12 Sovereign Hexagrams or p’i kua

The 12 Yellow Springs or huang ch'üan

The 24 Heaven Stars or t'ien hsing

The 24 Mini-Seasons or chieh ch’i

The 24 Mountains or shan

The 24 Robbery Sha or chieh sha

The 28 Lunar Mansions or hsiu

The 60 Earth-Penetrating Dragons or tou ti lung

The 60 Root Hexagrams or pen kua (San He)

The 60 Sexagenary Combinations or chia tzu

The 60 Uneven Dragons or ying so

The 64 Hexagrams or kua

The 72 Mountain-Piercing Dragons or chuan shan lung

The 120 Golden Divisions or fen chin

The 240 Golden Divisions or fen chin

The 360 new Western degrees or hsien tu

The 365.25 Chinese day-degrees or tu

The 384 Hexagram lines or kua yao

The 940 Degrees of the Complete Calendar or shou shih li

The ‘Alphabet’ of Feng Shui

Chinese Dynasties and Feng Shui Chronology

The Schools of Feng Shui

Catalogue of Common Lo P'an Rings


* Publisher : Golden Hoard Press

* ISBN : 978-0-9547639-9-2

* Price : £62.00 (Approx US$96.00) plus P&P of £10.00 airmailed

* Pages : 448 pages, limited edition, hardback with dust jacket, 65 tables, 174 illustrations, 32 colour plates

* Published : July 2008


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Classics of Feng Shui Series - Finaly Reprinted

Editions by Stephen Skinner of 1739 Chinese feng shui classics by Chang Ping Lin



Volume I : The Water Dragon

Stephen Skinner & Chang Ping Lin



Water Dragon formulas are key feng shui formulas which show how water should be organized outside a house to provide the maximum benefit. They are designed to create and increase wealth.


This Water Dragon text  comes from a collection of key feng shui texts collected during the reign of the Emperor Ch’ien Lung (Qian Long), by Chang Ping Lin a feng shui master from Fukien in the early 18th century. This text is from an authentic source, which has never previously been available in English. Its formulas, some of which are derived from Yang Kung (Yang Yun Sung, fl. 888 AD), are clear and easy to apply, provided you have a lo p’an.


Original Imperial Water Dragon formula from 1739, with original Chinese text on facing pages.


* Publisher : Golden Hoard Press / CreateSpace

* ISBN : 978-1533506894

* Price : £25.00 (approx US$36.00) plus Free P&P

* Pages : 72 pages

* Published : June 2016
* Paperback 2nd edition

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Volume II: The Original Eight Mansions Formula

Stephen Skinner & Chang Ping Lin



The Original Chou Shu Door Opening Method, the key to Eight Mansions feng shui from a rare 1739 text. Originally the Eight Mansions formula was always used to determine the best main door positions, not the quality of the rooms. The positioning of the main door is much more critical than the utilisation of the interior rooms. This formula finally solves the problem that has perplexed many modern practitioners: as to which (the building or the apartment) entrance should be used for feng shui calculations.


The present text dates back more than 250 years. It predates many Chinese texts, and is definitely much older and more authentic than anything else available in English on the Eight Mansions. This classic examines each of the 24 Mountain. The translation comes with facing Chinese text, and the original illustrations.


Original Imperial Eight Mansions formula from 1739, with original Chinese text on facing pages.


* Publisher : Golden Hoard Press / CreateSpace

* ISBN : 978-1533507488

* Price : £25.00 (approx US$36.00) plus Free P&P

* Pages : 72 pages (expanded)

* Published : June 2016
* Paperback 2nd Edition - revised

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Volume III: The Key San He Feng Shui Formulas

Stephen Skinner & Chang Ping Lin



This book contains the authentic San He five Element formulas, including San He water formulas, 12 Life Stages, Yao Sha, Robbery Sha, and Kitchen stove positioning, laid out very clearly. It was compiled in the early Ch’ing Dynasty, but the formulas date back to the T’ang Dynasty. It is translated from the Chinese with illustrations and facing the original woodblock Chinese text.


Original Imperial San He Feng Shui formulas from 1739, with original Chinese text on facing pages.


* Publisher : Golden Hoard Press / CreateSpace

* ISBN : 978-978-1533517579

* Price : £25.00 (approx US$36.00) plus Free P&P

* Pages : 96 pages
* Paperback 2nd Edition

* Published : June 2016

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Volume IV: Mountain Dragon Formulas

Stephen Skinner & Chang Ping Lin



This book contains authentic yin feng shui Mountain Dragon formulas. It was compiled in the early Ch’ing Dynasty, but the formulas date back to the T’ang Dynasty. It is translated from the Chinese with illustrations and facing the original woodblock Chinese text.


Original Imperial Mountain Dragon formulas from 1739, with original Chinese text on facing pages.


* Publisher : Golden Hoard Press / CreateSpace

* ISBN : 978-1533517654

* Price : £25.00 (approx US$36.00) plus free P&P

* Pages : 64 pages

* Published : June 2016
* Paperback 2nd Edition

Out of Print

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Feng Shui Style

Stephen Skinner


            See Inside


Stephen Skinner has taken feng shui to new heights by showing how you can use feng shui within your home in a way that is both stylish and practical. By looking at some of the most interesting homes in London and Asia, and analysing the feng shui behind their design, Skinner has shown that this ancient Chinese art and modern cutting edge design can be mutually supportive.


Examples range from the grand old 19th century elegance of a Chinese mansion of one of the last and richest mandarins of Imperial China in Penang, via the timeless Balinese rainforest luxury of Begawin Giri, to the very latest and most exciting Philippe Starck designed environments in London, showing how each in turn uses the timeless concepts and techniques of feng shui to enrich, harmonize, or stimulate different environments.


The feng shui techniques covered range from simple Eight Mansion feng shui, through the placement of water dragons, interior and exterior design, to the calculation of intricate Flying Star charts which predict the exact history of wealth, decline and resurrection of a home over a period of more than a 140 years.


The pleasure of this book lies in both its pictures of lovely and desirable environments, and in the appreciation and understanding of feng shui that will become yours as you read the text.


* Publisher : Periplus

* ISBN : 0794602312

* Price : US$30.00 / S$45.00 (Singapore)

* Pages : 144 pages, Over 200 full colour photographs

* Published : May, 2004


You can order now on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com



Flying Star Feng Shui

Stephen Skinner



The classic and most definitive book on Flying Star Feng Shui in English.

* Publisher : Tuttle Publishing

* ISBN : 0804834334

* Price : US$18.95

* Pages : 239 pages, 25 illustrations

* Published : 2003


You can order now on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com



K.I.S.S. Guide to Feng Shui (Keep It Simple Series)

Stephen Skinner



For those who want to start from the beginning with classical feng shui.


* Publisher : Dorling Kindersley

* ISBN : 0789481472

* Price : £12.99 / US$20.00

* Paperback : 352 pages, hundreds of full colour illustrations

* Published : 2001

You can order now on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com



Feng Shui Before & After

aka Practical Makeovers Using Feng Shui

Stephen Skinner



Room by room makeovers for your home with Feng Shui rules clearly explained

* Publisher : Tuttle Publishing

* ISBN : 0804832838

* Price : US$19.95

* Published : 2001


You can order now on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com



Feng Shui for Modern Living 

aka Feng Shui for Everyday Living

Stephen Skinner




* Publisher : Trafalgar Publishing (US) and Cico Books (UK)

* ISBN : 1903116295

* Price : £10.99

* Pages : 160 pages, many colour illustrations

* Published : 2000, 2005

You can order now on
 www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com



Feng Shui: The Traditional Oriental Way

Stephen Skinner



             Book                      Boxed set with lo p'an


* Publisher : Parragon

* ISBN : 0752523856

* Price : US$25.00

* Pages : 96 pages with many full colour illustrations

* Published : 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 (Boxed set published 1999)

* Alternate edition : This title also comes as a boxed book (ISBN 0752532375) incorporating the first ever working lo p'an compass to be incorporated with a book set

Available from www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk



The Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui

Stephen Skinner



      Original Edition              New Edition (2006)


* Publisher : Penguin / RKP (UK) / Tuttle (US)

* ISBN : 0804837589

* Price : US$14.95

* Pages : 192 pages

* Published : 1976 reprinted 1981, new expanded edition 2006


You can order now on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com


"The book that started it all" Stephen Skinner wrote this book way back in 1976, long before feng shui become popular. It has been translated into 11 different languages around the world, including Chinese. This Book contains information on Classical and landform Feng Shui that has still not been surpassed.



Tibetan Oracle Pack

Stephen Skinner


Card Pack of the 60 Chinese Year Animal and Element combinations.



          The Pack                       Book Inside Pack               Sample Cards


Although presented as a simple oracle, these Cards and the accompanying book are a serious iconographic key to :

1. Real Tibetan Elemental Divination

2. The Chinese & Tibetan Sexagenary cycle of 60 years and their meaning for each year

3. Flying Star feng shui – as seen from the Tibetan perspective

4. The Tibetan application of Chinese feng shui

5. Four Pillar Chinese astrology


All of which are based on the combination of the 12 Animal Signs (Earthly Branches) with the 5 Elements (in their yin/yang aspects as the 10 Celestial Stems), and derived from an original Tibetan manuscript written in the mid 1600s but based on traditions going back to the T'ang Dynasty in eighth century China.


* Publisher : Carroll & Brown

* ISBN : 190476004X

* Price : £14.99

* Pages : 144 pages comprehensively illustrated book, with a pack of 60 beautiful & authentic Cards

* Published : March, 2005


You can order now on www.amazon.co.uk


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