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Dr. Stephen Skinner 

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Lectures :

Stephen Skinner has lectured on geography, feng shui and magic worldwide since the early 1970s. Some highlights include:




1) Two day class on Using the Outer Rings of the Lo P'an (Luopan) on 14th-15th November 2013


2) Stephen lectured on Water Dragon Feng Shui, taking examples from classical 18th Century Chinese texts, at the 3rd International Feng Shui Conference on 3rd - 4th November 2006 in Singapore.

3) Skal International annual luncheon, Singapore (29 January 2004)

4) Talk on feng shui at the American Club, Singapore (26 February 2004)

5) The first Singapore International Feng Shui Convention  (7th - 9th May 2004)

6) The second Singapore International Feng Shui Convention  (5th - 6th Nov 2005)

7) The third Singapore International Feng Shui Convention (3rd - 4th Nov 2006)

8) Tanah Merah Country Club in Singapore (23 October 2004)



* The Doyle Lecture on Feng Shui for Modern Living in New York in 1999, in the same series as Martha Stewart Living and Country Living magazines.

* The 2nd US Feng Shui Conference at Monterey, California.

* The 3rd US Feng Shui Conference at Orlando, Florida.

* December 2015: Lectures on "Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic" in Seattle and Los Angeles.



* 23rd October 2015: Third full day class on "Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui".

* 24th October 2015: The title of Grand Master conferred on Stephen Skinner.

* 25th October 2015: "Dragons in the City: the Dynamics of Landform in Chinese Metaphysics".



* 18th May 2012: First full day class on "Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui".

* 19th May 2012: Keynote Presentation: "The Unity of Feng Shui Methods: Eight Mansion, Flying Star & Water Formulae" at Australian Chapter of the IFSA.

* 14th November 2014: Second full day class on "Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui".

* 15th November 2014: "Using Tibetan 5 Element Divination and the 60-year Cycle" at the 11th Annual IFSA Convention.



Stephen Skinner lectured on Flying Stars & the Lo P'an in Moscow, 19th - 25th June 2006.



* Stephen Skinner lectured on the Goetia at The Dee Day Conference in Bloomsbury, London 11th March 2006.

* 19th May 2016: "Practical Graeco-Egyptian Magic" at Watkins Bookshop.




Conferences :

Stephen also organised and ran the London International Feng Shui Conference (co-sponsored by the Daily Express newspaper) in 1999 at which 26 of the world’s best-known feng shui Masters spoke to an audience of 700 enthusiasts, 40% of which came from overseas. The event was a resounding success with over 700 attendees and the largest ever held in the UK.